Program 7/2021 - October. Sustainable World

Program 7/2021 - October. Sustainable World

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Recording date: 13/10/2021

Welcome to the 5th Season of Sustainable World!!

The fifth season of Sustainable World kicks off with important news!
In this course, we will miss the voices of Ana Were and Malú Mansilla. To compensate, we will have Gema Bueno back with her recommendation of the month. In addition, for this season there are planned premieres of new sections that we will be revealing.
In the first program of the season, in addition to finding out how Luis and María José's vacations have been, we will have the PiensaUPO section back, in which its members will tell us about their projects for this course. We will also have Jesús Pinilla, with his "Bird of the month" section, and Lourdes Morillas, who on this occasion will speak to us about the desert in "Singular Ecosystems."
In the interview we are joined by Juan Ramos, forest firefighter, who will talk about his profession from very different points of view, about the recent fire in Sierra Bermeja and other issues of interest.

Producer: Jesús del Gran Poder Rodriguez
Presents: María José Molina Ramirez
Presents: Luis Villagarcía

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Program 7/2021 - October. Sustainable World
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