Program 10/2020 - December. Sustainable World

Program 10/2020 - December. Sustainable World

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Recording date: 11/12/2020

After our special elections we return to the usual format.
Malu, Ana, Luis and María José will share their Christmas plans. In this program we will learn about the campaign without plastic that PiensaUPO has launched; In the Self-Interview, Ana Jiménez and Óscar Acedo, from Ecotono, will tell us about their project "Participate to put life at the Center".
In the section Pajareo por la UPO, Jesús will tell us interesting facts about the "common grebe" and in the "Qué fue de" we will listen to Nieves Gómez.
In this program we premiere a section dedicated to the Iberian lynx by Marcos López. We will also have our young collaborators who will talk to us about climate change in the "Climate change in recess" section.
Finally, the protagonist of the interview, Paqui Godino, brings us news about the projects she has with Traviesa Ediciones and her campaign La Escuela a Cielo Abierto.

Producer: Jesús del Gran Poder Rodriguez
Presents: María José Molina Ramirez
Presents: Ana Margarida Were Eduardo
Presents: Malu Mansilla Moreno
Presents: Luis Villagarcía


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