Program 9/2020 - November. Sustainable World

Program 9/2020 - November. Sustainable World

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Recording date: 04/11/2020

UPO Rectoral Elections Special Program

Faced with the imminent elections for the rector of the Pablo de Olavide University, from Sustainable World we have prepared a special election.
We leave our usual sections for the next programs and focus on the interviews we do with the two rector candidates on issues related to sustainability, energy, mobility, Environmental Education, orchards... on our campus.

This special is hosted by Luis Villagarcia, who has interviewed Alejandro Cuetos for Esteban Ruíz's candidacy, and Antonio Gallardo for Paco Oliva's candidacy. Both interviewees have been asked the same questions and we have been alternating the answers in the montage to have an equal treatment.

Learn a little more about each candidacy in this special :)

Presents: Luis Villagarcía

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