Program 6/2020 - June. Sustainable World

Program 6/2020 - June. Sustainable World

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Recording date: 17/06/2020

With the June program we say goodbye to this third season of Sustainable World, a season in which we received the award for best radio news at the VI Andalucía Local Audiovisual Communication Awards 2019 and in which we have recorded our latest programs from home for the COVID-19 health crisis.

In this program we will have regular sections such as Confined Birding by Jesús Pinilla. Sofía Muñoz will be the protagonist of Qué fue de. We will also have the self-interview of Jose Antonio Guillen, and the Being Efficient section is back by Fernando Cerezo from the Infrastructure, Maintenance and Energy Efficiency Service of the UPO. The little ones will tell us what climate change means to them in the Climate Change at Playtime section and we will close the program with an interview with Antonio Rodrigo, documentary film director and founder of Nomadocs

We say goodbye but we promise to return next year, so you know... take care of yourselves and your environment until the next Sustainable World.

Producer: Jesús del Gran Poder Rodriguez
Presents: Ana Margarida Were Eduardo
Presents: María José Molina Ramirez
Presents: Luis Villagarcía