Program 5/2022 - May. Sustainable World

Program 5/2022 - May. Sustainable World

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Recording date: 20/05/2020

We are still at home but looking forward to Sustainable World, so we are trying alternatives that make us be closer between the team and the audience and for this occasion we have used Skype to record the May program.

In this 8th program of the third season, in addition to the reflections of Ana, Luis and María José, we will have a two-way interview. On the one hand Tamara Velasco from Azul Jardines, an ecological gardening company, and on the other hand Virgina Navarro, from Cuarto Creciente and an architecture project for children, will talk to us about architecture, public spaces, biodiversity and will tell us how both professions converge.
We will also have regular sections such as the self-interview. On this occasion, Laetitia Hedon, social architect, will tell us very interesting things about her career.
This month we have the section Everything you wanted to know about plants and never dared to ask by Paco Fernández, who will tell us about lavender. In the What happened to section we will listen to Javier Vargas. And of course our boys and girls will be present, who will tell us what climate change means to them in the Climate change at recess section.

Presents: Ana Margarida Were Eduardo
Presents: María José Molina Ramirez
Presents: Luis Villagarcía
Producer: Jesús del Gran Poder Rodriguez