Program 8/2019 - November. Sustainable World

Program 8/2019 - November. Sustainable World

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Recording date: 06/11/2019

Welcome to the 3rd Season of Sustainable World!!

Sustainable World begins its third season strongly. Our presenters, Ana, Luis and María José, come with their batteries charged!

In this program you have the usual sections, such as the "Self-interview", in which we learn about the experience of Héctor Barco and his project on food waste. The redstart is the protagonist of the "UPO Bird of the Month", by Jesús Pinilla, from SEO BirdLife. Paco continues to accompany us this season with his section "Everything you wanted to know about plants and didn't dare to ask" to talk to us about rubber. And in the section "What happened to", we listened to the trajectory of Rosana Suárez.
The interview section is premiered by people from the house, we are joined by José Luis Pavón, Fernando Cerezo and Fernando Redondo from the Infrastructure, Maintenance and Energy Efficiency Service of the UPO, who tell us about the work they do in terms of energy resource management in our university.

Presents: María José Molina Ramirez
Presents: Ana Margarida Were Eduardo
Presents: Luis Villagarcía
Producer: Jesús del Gran Poder Rodriguez