Program 1/2019 - January. Sustainable World

Program 1/2019 - January. Sustainable World

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Recording date: 25/01/2019

Ana and María José in addition to telling us some of their anecdotes
They talk about Ecofeminism and comment on the usual sections of the program: the "Self-interview" with Teresa Abígar; the "UPO Bird of the Month", a section by Jesús Pinilla, from SEO BirdLife, who tells us about the Glossy Ibis; Paco tells us about the eucalyptus in "Everything you wanted to know about plants and didn't dare to ask".
In this program the protagonists of the interview are Juan Gutiérrez and Andrés Rebolledo, from the Andalusian Cork and Muleteers Association. The interview was recorded in December, taking advantage of the fact that both were at the UPO for the 4D celebration. "The recommendation of the month" by Gema, puts the finishing touch to the first program of the year 2019.

Presents: Ana Margarida Were Eduardo
Presents: María José Molina Ramirez

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